a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Big Short 1So “The Big Short” wins BIG. It just was named Best Picture of the Year by the Producers Guild last night in Hollywood. The only person who predicted this Big Time was awardsdaily’s Sasha Stone. She was right on the money. And you should read her excellent explanation and thoughts on this film, which she openly admits having fallen in love with and having seen already several times. Read Sasha at of course http://www.awardsdaily.com.

Big Short 2

Me, I liked it, but was completely confused by it the first time I saw it. And I think it needs multiple viewings to get it all. Sasha agrees. But am I going back to see it again? Well, I’m not running.

I didn’t like it because there was a lot about it I didn’t understand. I sat down with a financial friend and he took a long brunch explaining it to me, with pictures of the cast before us, and by the end of it, I THINK I completely understood it. But I’m still not sure.

But HE liked it tremendously. And every other financial person I know seems to delight in it. Me, I felt part of the problem. I’m somehow who eschews financial matters in all forms. I’m just not good at it. I was never good at math, though for some strange reason, I won the Math Medal when I was graduating for Grammar School. Go figure. My mother always said it was a mistake and that I should’ve won the English Medal, and they mixed me up with another red-headed student. Who should’ve won the Math medal. I was confused. “The Big Short” confused me.

Now since it’s the PRODUCERS Guild giving this award, it makes sense that all the PRODUCERS would totally get this movie, because that’s what they do all day. Deal with money, and shorts, big and small, and investments, and money, etc. etc.

But will this pre-figure Best Picture at the Oscars? Voted on by 6000 people who may not get it as I didn’t.

I thought the performances were all fine. But an Oscar nomination for Christian Bale? I would’ve nominated Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling…

I still balk at the idea that this movie is glorifying these real life men who when I first saw “The Big Short” I thought were the CAUSE of the financial collapse of 2008. But my financial friend explained to me that these men depicted here just SAW what was coming and capitalized on it, and made a lot of money. Oh. OK, so THAT was what the film was about.

I still don’t think I’d vote for a film that confused me so much. But I LEARNED something from it. I learned what I already knew I didn’t know. Does this make an Oscar movie?


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