a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Tom Hardy 1I don’t care how many Oscar nominations it’s gotten, I still say that “The Revenant” is like cinematic root canal. A lonnnng, tortuous experience that nevvvver seems to end. Until it does. I had such a violent reaction against this supposed “masterpiece”, I can’t imagine it winning all the awards its’ nominated for. Or even some of them.

“The Revenant” is devisive. You either love it or hate it. Films like that don’t win Best Picture. Although it seems to be garnering steam around Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance. He just won the Critics’ Choice Award as well as the Golden Globe for Best Leading Actor, Drama.Revenant 3

We’ll have to wait til the end of the month to see what happens at the SAGs. If Bryan Cranston of “Trumbo” executes a surprise win there, all bets are off. However, if Leo does triumph there as well, I throw my cards up in the air, and will have to say “That’s the ball game.”

I would say “Spotlight” a quieter, decent film, about good people trying to do good things, is the better bet for Best Picture. It’s a true story. And it’s serious, something the Academy likes to be perceived as.

I think in this year where #Oscarsowhite has become the hashtag of this year’s ceremonies, they can’t afford to award Best Picture to a film that is seen as frivolous “Mad Max:Fury Road” OR even to a comedy “The Big Short.” Like “12 Years a Slave” before it, it’s got gravitas. “Spotlight” I mean. Spotlight 5

I mentioned many,many times about this year’s choices, after LAST year’s all white slate, they had BETTER pick a film or actors or actresses of color, or they’d be hell to pay. Which is what is happening.

If they’d nominated the more-than-worthy Idris Elba, none of this would be happening. But holt on a mo! Elba IS nominated by the SAGs for Best Supporting Actor, and he COULD win that since Sylvester(I-forgot-to-thank-my-black-co-star-or-director) Stallone is not even nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award. Thank goodness! So you can’t blame this on the Actor’s Branch. Or can you?

And it’s Tom Hardy (pictured above top) who surprised in Supporting Actor and took Idris Elba’s place. And I have to admit that the one really startling ACTING scene that got to me in “The Revenant” was Tom Hardy speech about how he survived an Indian scalping him. He was left for dead, but survived. And I wouldn’t mind at all if Hardy surprised again over Stallone come the Oscars. They seem to be going “Revenant” crazy.  And it might continue there.

They are NOT going to give A. G. Inarritu, back-to-back Oscar wins for Best Director, and certainly not for Best Film. He won last year, in ANOTHER surprise in both those categories for”Birdman.” So I would say it’s “Spotlight”s to lose. It did win the Critic’s Choice the night before last.Spotlight 4


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