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ALicia Vikander 5Danish Girl 5Eddie & Alicia 1Danish Girl DuoMy personal #1 film of the year “The Danish Girl” did manage to reap four Academy Award nominations, Best Actor Eddie Redmayne who also won the top honor last year for his searing portrayal of Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything.” Alicia Vikander, the young Swedish actress, who is causing quite a stir this year was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for playing his hugely supportive artist wife Gerda.

Paco DelGado was nominated for his sumptuous period costume designs. And Eve Stewart for her mouth-watering production design.

In exclusive quotes here’s what the four nominees had to say. Their combined talent overwhelms me!

Eddie Redmayne “I’m incredibly grateful to the Academy for this nomination – particularly in a year with so many brilliant films and performances. This nomination is a testament to the vision of our fearless director Tom Hooper, and the support of my fellow cast members, especially the incandescent Alicia Vikander. Being recognised for THE DANISH GIRL is particularly special to me; if sharing Lili and Gerda’s journey and their love story can in any small way be a part of positive social change – then I will be even more grateful.”

Alicia Vikander Alicia Golden Globes 1

“I am deeply grateful to The Academy for this honour. To be recognized alongside these actresses and their inspiring performances is humbling. To be a part of bringing The Danish Girl to life was such a gift and to receive this nomination is a thrill.”

Paco Delgado, costumes “Hearing my name in the nominees list this year made me very happy, and I want to thank the Academy for this wonderful nomination. My team and I are so grateful to AMPAS members to have thought that our work in The Danish Girl is worthy of such an important award. To be nominated is a massive honor, particularly among the other amazing designers whose work I profoundly admire. What a big reward! I also want to thank Tom Hooper and the producers for allowing me to design the wonderful love story of transgender pioneer Lili Elbe and her wife Gerda Wegener.”

Eddie Readmayn 7Eve Stewart, production design (formerly “Sets”)“I am thrilled, and grateful, for the acknowledgment from the AMPAS voters. Our movie coalesced beautifully under the guidance of our great director, Tom Hooper. I proudly share this nomination with Michael Standish, and we are so happy that our wonderful colleagues from THE DANISH GIRL were also recognized.” Danish Girl 6



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