a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Martian 4Spotlight 4 The All Important DGA or Directors Guild of America announced their nominees today.  “Spotlight”s director Tom McCarthy was nominated as was four-time past nominee Brit Ridley Scott who directed “The Martian” and who won Best Film Comedy or Musical Sunday night at the Golden Globes.

Adam McKay, who previously has been known for his comic direction of films like “Anchorman” here breaks into the serious ranks of filmmakers with his rising film about the Wall Street crash of 2008 with “The Big Short” was  nominated.

As was A. G. Innarittu for “The Revenant” which won Best Director, Best Film and Best Actor at the Globes on Sunday.

The fifth slot was taken by George Miller for “Mad Max:Fury Road” a sci-fi actioner that has been coming on strong in many critics awards.

A new category, Best First Feature Film Directing was also announced and included Laszlo Nemes of “Son of Saul” & Alex Garland of “Ex Machina”Alicia Vikander 3Revenant 2


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