a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Matt Damon 2Matt Damon won Best Actor in a Comedy at the Golden Globes and he admitted sheepishly “‘The Martian’ isn’t a comedy.” Best Supporting Actor went to Sylvester Stallone for reviving his iconic character Rocky Balboa in the hit boxing movie “Creed.” And mumbled his way through his acceptance speech, the same way he mumbled through the movie. No acting there, if you ask me.

In another surprise, Alejandro Gonzalez Innarittu wins Best Director! For “The Revenant.” A film I quite frankly detested. And a win quite frankly no one predicted. Because he won just last year for “Birdman” another film I didn’t like. He’s on a roll obviously. But not mine.

Matt Damon is a performance win that was deserved for “The Martian.” And now Jennifer Lawrence just won Best Actress in a Comedy for “Joy” another surprise! What is the HFPA thinking this year???

“The Martian” wins Best Film Comedy/Musical. Ridley Scott accepts and rambles and it seems everyone is getting drunker and drunker. I mean, DRUNK! Taraji P. Henson was all over the place as was Denzel. Truly embarrassing accepting his Cecil B. DeMille award. His wife was prompting him.Martian 4



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