a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Kate Winselt Stave J. 1Kate Wins 2Kate Winslet was the very shocked first Film winner tonight at the Golden Globes. She won for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Steve Jobs’ slavic, put-upon assistant in “Steve Jobs.” The look on Kate Winslet’s face! She was just as shocked as when she won TWO Golden Globes in 2009 in Supporting for “The Reader” and in lead for “Revolutionary Road.” Nobody but nobody predicted Kate Winslet as winning this. NOBODY. So all the pundits were as shocked as she was.

Kate clearly had no speech prepared but winged it like a pro.

She was sat at the same table as Alicia Vikander who was also nominated in that category for “Ex Machina.” I think she was “I’m sorry!” as she kissed her.

Ricky Gervais set off the event with his usual vinegary attack on Hollywood “and the business we call show.” And he admitted he has three Golden Globes, “One of which I use as a doorstop. One I use on burglars and the other I keep by my bedside.” Big laugh. And he went on to say “It’s the right size and shape. Yes, I stick it up my ass.”


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