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Brie golden Globe 1Apart from “Room’s” Brie Larson’s win for Best Actress Drama and her lovely acceptance speech, this really ranks as one of the worse Golden Globes


And Just Because the revolting “Revenant” won BIG tonight, three awards! Best Picture, Best Actor (Leo) and Best Director, doesn’t mean the Oscars are going to do the same this coming Wed. morning! Yes! It’s almost here, folks, the REALLY Serious Nominations that you can take to the bank.

Why “The Revenant”? Well, it has to do with it being the Hollywood FOREIGN Press. And last year, they did NOT give fellow Mexican Innaritu their Best Director award, so this year was like make up sex with him winning. And I think the foreign aspect also explains Kate Winslet’s out-of-the-blue. Let’s face it one of the Golden Globes supreme moments was the 2009 double win for Kate. They love her, obviously. She was very good in “Steve Jobs” but NOT that good!

Poor Alicia Vikander! She lost TWICE! Welcome to Hollywood Alicia!

That dress she was wearing did nothing for her, so perhaps it’s better she wasn’t immortalized in it.

Of course, Alicia’s a Swede, so you’d THINK the Hywood FOREIGN Press would embrace her, but they aren’t known for embracing NEW stars, which Alicia is. Alicia Golden Globes 1Kate Winslet is an old, er, established star to them. And of course they may have been sentimental about the “Titanic” pair re-uniting with wins for BOTH Leo and Kate. Hmmmm…I bet that was s factor.

However, dear readers, dear cineastes, don’t think this is going to carry over to Oscar morning on Wed. The nomination ballots all had to be handed in by this past Friday. So expect Oscar and the DGA, to re-set the table quite completely. Including in “Spotlight” for instance and “Carol” and “Brooklyn” may even get a Best Picture nomination.

I missed Lady Gaga’s emotional speech but caught up with it on Facebook. That was nice. And I liked “Inside Out” which won, andSon of Saul 3

LOVED “Son of Saul” which won, too. For Best Animated Film and Best Foreign Film. I predict that they’ll repeat at the Oscars.

And also Alicia Vikander will again get two nominations and a chance to lose twice yet again. But hey, that as Ricky Gervais said “Is the business we call show.”

But I AM genuinely happy for “The Martian”s two wins. And I bet “The Martian” turns up plenty on Oscar morning.

Martian 3


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