a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Room 3RevenantBrie Larson gave a short, perky, unpretentious acceptance speech when she won in the only expected award for Best Actress in a Drama for “Room.” She really is the best performance. Such a great film! It’s on my Year’s Ten Best.

Leo(as in Leonardo) wins Best Actor in a Drama and he seemed delighted, and surprirsed by getting a thunderous standing ovation. THEN “The Revenant” WON BEST FILM DRAMA!?! Another shocker. And another standing ovation! Now that was ANOTHER surprise. Not Leo winning Best Actor, but “The Revenant” winning Best Film!!!!!

Is “Spotlight”s Best Picture Oscar chances now officially dead??? I hope not. I hate it when I film I loath WINS!?! No justice from this bunch of drunks. Over and out.


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