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Downton Season 6Well, the long-awaited final season of “Downton Abbey” has aired its’ first episode. And of course, it doesn’t disappoint. But it’s sad as hell that this indeed is the beginning of the end of one of the most glorious experiences I’ve ever had watching a television series. And millions around the world agree.  This is one of the most beloved TV series of all time, and it’s so excellently done, and the excellence continues in Episode One of Season 6.

But there is a great sadness to this first episode. We see that the great houses of England are falling to bits. Staffs, the servants, are being reduced. Every one of them is now afraid of losing their jobs. Servants are also quitting their posts  “for a job in a shop!” as Lord Grantham explodes.

The saddest scene of all is the Crawleys going to an estate sale. Totally accurate and totally depressing.

Rose has moved to New York and Tom has moved to Boston with Sibby. The Abbey seems almost deserted. Edith however seems to be on the upswing, I’m happy to say. The wonderful Laura Carmichael seems really delighted that her character of the hapless Edith is finding herself and finding great joy in running her newspaper and well, writing. I was very happy to see that. As Edith, now more fashionable than ever, is very self-assured and glamourous and totally embracing the joy of  living, and working, in London.

Also this plot turn gives the lovely Samantha Bond as her Aunt Rosamund, the chance to serve as Edith’s new London lady role model.

But never fear Downton fans, it’s all very, very well done, as usual. I don’t want to reveal more than I already have, but rest assured it is still in top form as it heads to its dreaded(by fans) conclusion. Stay tuned.


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