a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

An Icelandic Christmas memory…with the wonderful teen pop star Pall Oskar, who was just coming off hosting the Eurovision song contest, the campiest spectacle ever on European television. Here we enjoy Pall opening the show with a VERY campy rendition of an Icelandic Christmas carol.And that campy/sincere chorus backing him up! Hilarious. And charming.

Christmas ’98 was a great time to be in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capitol, for the first time. The weather wasn’t that cold at all. Not what you’d expect for an island country in the middle of the North Atlantic kissing the Artic Circle. But there was only TWO hours of daylight! The sun rose, weakly, at 11 AM and set around 1pm! In the summer however the sun never sets!

We were put into a very homey classic Icelandic restaurant called the Three Frekkars, which is the Icelandic name for Frenchmen! Frekkar is also the Icelandic word for long rain coat, or trench coat. So it is assumed that that’s what the Frenchmen were wearing when the first arrived in Reykavik by ship centuries ago.Icelanders had never seen any one dressed like that before, i was told.

And they eat whale! And puffin, too! As you’ll see…

Happy Holidays! Enjoy! I wish I could remember the word for Merry Christmas in Icelandic. It was something like Happy Yule, but that’s not it, exactly.Very difficult language that is spoken nowhere in else in the world. It’s the genuine Viking tongue. No other Scandinavians speak it. Or understand it.Icelalnd 1

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