a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Martian 2“The Martian” which was completely left out of the SAG awards yesterday, bounced back today when the Golden Globes announced their nominations this morning. Helen Mirren popped up again in Best Supporting Actress for “Trumbo.” So that and the SAG nom probably means she’s in like flint for an Oscar nomination, too.

“Spotlight” got nominated for Best Film Drama, but not one of their fine actors got nominated. But we’ve heard that the HFPA who gives out these awards didn’t really love it, like other critics groups loved it.

Alicia Vikander that brilliant Swedish actress who is having a breakthrough year scored TWICE. With Best Actress for “The Danish Girl” and Best Supporting Actress for “Ex Machina.”Danish Girl DuoEddie Redmayne was also nominated for Best Actor for his role as the transgender pioneer Lily Elbe in “The Danish Girl.”

The Golden Globes has its’ unique Musical/Comedy category where Dame Maggie Smith for “The Lady in the Van” and Lili Tomlin in “Grandma” scored. As of course, did Jennifer Lawrence for “Joy” and “Joy’ which was totally blanked by the SAG award, also got a Best Comedy/Musical Film where it will compete with “The Martian.” Also scoring there was “The Big Short” which got nominations for both of its’ lead actors Steve Carrell and Christian Bale. However only Bale registered in SAG. But in Supporting.

Jennifer Jason Leigh turned up in Supporting, which she didn’t do yesterday in SAG. This was for “The Hateful Eight” which got no other nominations. And both actresses from “Carol” Cate Blanchett AND Rooney Mara landed in Best Lead Actress Drama. Todd Haynes also  got recognition for his direction of “Carol.”

All the nominees list coming soon.


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