a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Woman in Gold 1Trumbo 1Congratulations to Dame Helen Mirren for her TWO SAG nominations today! One for Best Lead Actress for “Woman in Gold” and one for Best Supporting Actress for her evil take on Hollywood columnist Hedda Hopper in “Trumbo.”

In “Woman in Gold” which came out in the Spring this year and made A LOT of unexpected money for the Weinstein Co., Dame Helen played a Jewish woman trying to get back the paintings that the Nazis had stolen from her family. The film takes its’ title from the most famous painting in the disputed collection.

Don’t count Dame Helen out in either category! We’ll see what the Golden Globes announce tomorrow! SAG nominations usually lead to Oscar noms., too!

And to think that once I met Dame Helen on the street a few years back, and she recognized me, and when I told in her that I just LOVED her performance in “The Queen” where she had won every award in the book that year, she confided in me saying “Yes. It was great….but it’s all over now…” her voice trailing off.

No! It’s not Dame Helen! You’ll be back at the Oscars for one or the other of your nominated performances! Maybe both! Especially with Harvey Weinstein, the Oscar Whisperer, behind “Woman in Gold”!


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