a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Gotham LogoThe Gotham Awards were the first awards out of the gate tonight in the mad rush  to forecast the Oscars. Well, that’s what I’m interested in any way. But these award givers, basically don’t care a flying f-word about whether they are “accurate prognosticators” of the Big O. And most of the times, they’re not. But the Gotham Awards for Independent Film pride themselves on just that. Being independent and certainly they did that tonight with their choice of winners.

They certainly did help “Spotlight” which won three awards if I’m not mistaken including Best Picture and Best Ensemble. These East Coast indie awards last year went to “Birdman.” And I didn’t see THAT coming. But the Gothams did. So that, as they say, is that. Will it win Best Picture? I’m not so sure. But it’ll get nominated all over the place.

The Gothams did hurt “Carol” tonight. It got shockingly NOTHING.It was nominated for but director Todd Haynes WAS given a Career Achievement Award. Maybe they felt then that “Carol” had had enough awards that night. Still it’s not good to be shut out so completely.

And poor Brie Larson! She did not win Best Actress as everyone and his brother(including me) thought that she would. It went to Bel Powley(who?) of “Diary of a Teenage Girl.” That accolade I’m predicting will NOT be repeated ANYwhere else this awards season.


So yeah, the Gothams hurt “Room,” too. And it needed the Gothams support. Makes me think that Best Actress is going to be a near-miss for Larson. If she doesn’t win HERE, how much more difficult is her road to the Gold going to be?


Kudos to Mya Taylor, the trans actress from “Tangerine,” who won Best Breakthrough Actress!!! THAT  is history being made. She missed a flight and wasn’t there to accept her award, unfortunately.

Paul Dano, who was completely undeserving in my book, won Best Actor of all things, for his lack-luster space case imitation of an imitation of the young Brian Wilson in “Love and Mercy.” Yuck. Is all I can say to that. But maybe this will help him land in Best Supporting Actor somewhere. IF HE’S LUCKY, which he certainly seems to be.

And so say the Gothams. See the complete list at the still-wonderful http://www.awardsdaily.com.

And tomorrow the National Board of Review announces its’ winners. They don’t nominate. They just announce, then have a party honoring said winners in January.

I would be VERY surprised if “Spotlight” won there tomorrow. The National Board is the one awards group that is mostly composed of women and gay men. At least women and gays are better represented there than anywhere else. But it’s important to note they are NOT Press.

So if THEY award “Spotlight” tomorrow the game is pretty much over, because then this will go from a year with many murky choices to one march-to-the-Dolby by one film. “Spotlight.”

Spotlight 1I also must note that films like “The Martian”, “Brooklyn”, “The Danish Girl” and “Creed” were not eligible for the Gotham Awards. They’re not American financed and not Indie. But “Carol” and “Room” were….uh-oh…


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