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Bryce 2

My interview with the great Bryce Pinkham is divided into three parts on You Tube. You can click on Pt.One here, and see the entire part one on my TV Show tonight at midnight on Ch.56. on Time Warner Cable, Ch.83 on RCN cable and Ch.34 on Fios. In Manhattan only. But online at that time on http://www.mnn.org. Click on “Watch Now” on Ch.2, the Lifestyle Channel.

We talked so much about so many things in Bryce’s burgeoning career there’s also a  part two coming  soon on MNN.

We also got to speak about his great Madagascar charity Zara Aina.

Filmed entirely at the Marshal Restaurant on 10th Avenue in the theater district. Charlie Marshall, the owner manager also drops in in Pt. Two, coming soon. That’s Charlie Marshall with two Ls,.His restaurant is just one L. And it’s one L of a restaurant!

His Broadway show is the Tony winner “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.” Bryce had just returned to it at the time we shot this delicious interview.

Bryce had a show that night(When doesn’t he?) and was rushing to a curtain. He had watermelon gazpacho and three devilishly delicious deviled eggs, if memory serves.

A definite high-point of this year’s Stephen Holt Show!

Camera- Phil Sokoloff

Editing ~ Kevin Teller

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