a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

TIFF logo 1Yes, dear readers, dear cineastes, I MADE IT! I am here in Toronto at TIFF!!! At Last! I’m so happy typing this! It’s a miracle I got here with all the many, seemingly insurmountable obstacles I was facing this year particularly. But luck and pluck won the day and I’m HERE!!!!! Last night was a particularly happy time checking in to a wonderful hotel experience, I didn’t dare to expect. Large room. Larger than my NYC “apt.”, a VIEW! And new, too! But I was so wiped out from the train trip via VIA rail from Montreal that I just spent the night crashing and enjoying the space and the newness of having A ROOM WITH A VIEW!!!

So handy. Like this morning, I could look out the window and actually see smartly dressed ¬†Torontonians rushing to work with umbrellas. By the time I got set to go out, though, I could see from my window that all the umbrellas were put away and people were just rushing to work. (I’m downtown in the business district.)

I’m not far from the Festival Village, which is what that part of downtown Toronto is now called. The part that directly adjoins the super TIFF Bell Light-box, from where I am typing this, (Is that a grammatically correct sentence?) A lot of things fly out the window when you get to TIFF. Like cares and woes. And grammar.

Now I just have to book movies and interviews like crazy.

I have one set for this afternoon already. It’s Wednesday, so it’s VERY early and not a lot of people are here yet. In the press room, they had a continental breakfast waiting for the few, the mighty few journalists that are here this early in the week and this early in the day.

After 17 years(!) at TIFF, you learn a few things, like GET UP VERY EARLY! As the festival wears on, and the big films you want to see all screen at ungodly hours, AND you have to line up for them, too. Like for instance, the hot ticket here “The Danish Girl” on Saturday at the Princess of Wales theater. A legit house usually, but the Festival has commandeered it again this year. It’s where last year I saw Eddie Redmayne’s career explode with “The Theory of Everything.” That was the most exciting thing last year. To see that beautiful film’s ascendancy happen all around you.

And now this year, Eddie is back with ANOTHER top, hot, Oscar ticket “The Danish Girl”. Can’t wait till Saturday! But meanwhile, back to my emails to see who else has chimed in.

TIFF is definitely MY Christmas!


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