a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

SH Rainbow 1

There’s only ONE WEEK LEFT to back my Kickstarter project! Here’s the link!


I hope it works! Our goal is nowhere near reached! And if you don’t make it or surpass  it, Kickstarter doesn’t give you ANY MONEY AT ALL! Them’s their rules.

And of course, I’m grateful to Kickstarter to participating for the third year in a row to host my plea, re: hotel and travel funds to get to the Toronto Film Festival. Me and a cameraman. So all expenses are times two.

Thanks to Richard, Joshua, Chris and Gina for their support so far! But we need many,many more people, it seems.

Fingers crossed! Just trying to keep “The Stephen Holt Show” a viable contender in the TV world. Which has not been easy on a budget of zip, as I’m sure you all are aware of by this time and which I make crystal clear in the accompanying video.

So please, I wouldn’t be asking, if I didn’t need it! I”m just trying to keep you readers entertained and informed on the best in film, independent, foreign, GLBTQ, Oscar-worthy cinema, which is getting scarcer and scarcer by the year! It’s like a filmic global warming! The tide of dreck is rising!

And I’m one of the few who is trying to stop the world of film from being taken over my comic book heroes and such. These are the adult, serious films that you, as well as I love. Or you wouldn’t still be reading this!



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