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To Killl a Mockingbird 1 A great treat is in store for you all dear readers, dear cineastes! Tonight at 9pm don’t miss, PLEASE don’t miss the great, straightforward, truth-telling doc “Hey Boo” on enigmatic Southern author Harper Lee. She, of course, is the Pulitzer Prize Winning novelist of only ONE great, classic novel “To Kill A Mockingbird”. But now she is once again at age 89(!) the center of controversy as her just discovered SECOND novel(or is it her first?) is being published next week.

This great documentary which was released theatrically last year and which I raved about then (Search my blog and read even MORE about it!),has now been re-edited to include the exciting news about the dramatic discovery of “Go Set a Watchman.”

And “Hey Boo” settles once and for all that the indomitable Ms. Lee still has “all her marbles” and that she is not senile, though she lives in an assisted living facility, and is very pleased that “Go Set a Watchman” is FINALLY seeing the light of day. She thought it was lost. But it was found. Only last year. And publisher Harper Collins has literally rushed it on to bookstore shelves as fast as humanly possible. Reese Witherspoon, who is Southern herself, did the Audiobook for “Watchman” and avers that it is worthwhile, though admits she was “shocked by a lot of “the words that were used” in the novel, set in same town, Macon, in the 1950’s and dealing with the same characters Scout who is now a grown-up Marie-Louise and her famous lawyer father Atticus Finch. That was the role that won Gregory Peck his only Oscar. And it deals with the same themes, small Southern towns and racism.  I can’t praise its’ achievements highly enough! As I said above, don’t miss it! I’ll be watching it for a third time tonight!


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