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Alex Sharp Wins TonyWell, it was sweet and bitter, too. But that last half hour of the Tonys packed an emotional wallop, the likes of which, I’m struggling to remember. It was VERY dramatic. But then that’s what the the-a-ter is all about, isn’t it?

I didn’t expect Josh Groban, one of my favorite of today’s singers, to wipe me out so totally as he did with his historic and heartfelt rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” then it was two moving speeches from two winners I had predicted Producer Andre Bishop of “The King and I” and Alex Sharp for “Curious Case of the Dog in the Night Time.”

Alex Sharp aced it again tonight and lived up to his name. He WAS Sharp. And not missing a beat. They cast him in this while he was still in school at Julliard or as he put it “someone without a resume.”

A favorite moment was watching Bradley Cooper’s face when Sharp won. He was squirming,trying not to look upset But he WAS! He, and fellow nominees and cast-members of “The Elephant Man” Patricia Clarkson and Alessandro Nivola, all flew over from London, where it’s a hit, to come in to the Tonys and LOSE big time. But I still say it would have won a lot more if it was still running.It won nothing! And it was a very good production. Clarkson and Nivola, meanwhile, looked happy just to be there.

The Tonys tonight all seemed to go to people and shows that were actually STILL RUNNING ONSTAGE. Note to Producers of shows like “The Elephant Man” ~ Keep your hit show on the boards through Tony Time!

And then came the shock of “Fun Home,” which is a break-through Lesbian musical, winning four awards1 I thought it would split with “An American in Paris” and win Best Book for Lisa Kron (yay!) and Best Music and Lyrics for the first female composing/writing team to ever win a Tony. Yes, I predicted all that. And amidst all the British-ness this year, “Fun Home” is an all-American show.

But NO ONE expected Michael Cerveris to win Best Actor in a Musical. And then for “Fun Home” to win Best Musical! Well, it really needed it. “An American in Paris” which I thought would win, was, I guess, seen by Tony Voters as a show that didn’t need it.It’s making millions at the Box-Office, and “Fun Home” is in the tiny-ish(by comparison), round Circle-In-the-Square.

And “Fun Home” which is SO gay, out, loud and proud,  it really DID need the Award. And all the other awards it won tonight,, too, including Best Director of a Musical, Sam Gold. To keep running and reaching that elusive WIDER audience. So YAY for Team “FUN”!

I bet they’re all having fun tonight!

And that PARADE of producers going up to the stage to accept the award for “Fun” was ENDLESS! It kept going and going and they kept coming and coming. I heard the main producer say something like “Wait! There’s more!”


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