a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

How lucky am I? I’m the guest on the Magnificent Sissy Show. No. Not mine. The other Big Sissy. Sissy Gamache, the hostess with the utmostest, tonight on Ch. 56 at 7pm in Manhattan on MNN. It can also be seen at that time tonight, if I’m not mistaken on Ch.34 on RCN cable and also Ch.83 on Fios.

It’s also online at http://www.mnn.org at 7pm Click on Channel 2, Watch Now.

Sissy’s everywhere and unlike me, she does her show in a big for-real studio, and we talked straight(and/or gay) for half hour! In sub-zero February weather. It’s still going on. We’re supposed to have snow today in NYC!

Above ^ you’ll see Sissy on my show last year on the Drama Desk  Nominee Press Reception morning above with my long-time host T.J.Craig.

I love this muy caliente chicka! Born in Roumania and raised in Costa Rica, she reigns on many Spanish language channels too numerous to mention, or spell!


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