a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Whiplash 1In one of the biggest upsets (so far) of the night, “Whiplash” is proving to have garnered more love than anyone thought! It just won Best Editing! That’s a VERY important award! It often indicates what film might be the winner! And “Boyhood” with twelve years of footage to edit, I THOUGHT, should be the winner of this. But this is a true upset. It didn’t.

I LOVED “Whiplash” and I’ve been bummed that it hasn’t done better at the Box-Office. Now that’s ALREADY won THREE Oscars tonight, for Best Supporting Actor, Best Sound Mixing(which everyone thought would go to “American Sniper” which got the other sound award Sound Editing) now, hopefully, the crowds will come.

“Whiplash” opened the Sundance Film Festival a YEAR ago January 2014! And it certainly has gone the distance! WOW! Could IT be the surprise winner of the Big O tonight? It IS nominated for Best Picture….

“Grand Budapest Hotel” won Best Production Design, as expected. So now GBH is tied with “Whiplash” for the most Oscars so far. Three each. And “Birdman” has one and “Boyhood” has one.

Another upset occurred in the Best Animated Film category, which I have to admit I have not been following this year as closely as I have in the past. It went in a surprise to “Big Hero 6” and not “How to Train Your Dragon 2″ which everyone thought was going to win after the”Lego Movie” was excluded.Or rather not nominated.

“Interstellar” won,as expected for Best Special Effects.


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