a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

The weather in NYC was a balmy 45 degrees today. A total and pleasant surprise considering the deep polar freeze we’ve been experiencing here. But meanwhile, it’s started to RAIN in Hollywood! Total chaos! All those floor-length gowns and trains! The trains of the gowns I mean. Not Amtrak.

If you’ve never been in Hollywood when it’s raining, you really haven’t lived. I couldn’t believe it the year I lived out there in LA-LA Land when my play on AIDS was being done “Fever of Unknown Origin”. I was out there for a year and it was just INSANE how crazy Los Angelenos went from just a little down-pour. It was like the world was ending! Sheesh! It’s just RAIN, people!

But for the Oscars, it’s a mini-diaster.

People are still talking about the Eddie Redmayne/Michael Keaton Best Actor bout. Also of course, the Birdman/Boyhood back and forth and back and forth. And last night at the Spirits, as I predicted, there was a split. But it was Richard Linklater who won Best Director for “Boyhood”, but “Birdman” won Best Picture.

Anyway, dear readers, dear cineastes, we won’t know the outcome of those three battles until at the EARLIEST three and a half hours from now.

They are going to save them, the only real battles that the public at large are interested in til the 10:30 pm EST mark.

It’s going to be a LONNNNNG night.Capture



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