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Whiplash 1“Whiplash,” one of my year’s 10 Best, just won two Indies! One for J.K.Simmons, of course, as Best Supporting Actor, and one for Best Editing. Which “Boyhood,” with 12 years of footage should have won. The Editing in “Boyhood” was, as they say, seamless.

But in “Whiplash” you noticed the Editing. It was frenetic, frantic, like the drumbeats themselves, that Simmons’ as the overbearing music teacher is trying to get out of Miles Teller’s sometimes pathetic, sometimes overwhelmed, but talented student. It was a great pas de deux, and Teller certainly deserved to be right up there with Simmons, so is really a co-lead, not Supporting.

But everyone doesn’t care about this category fraud as ¬†organization after organization has been tripping over each other to award him. Same with Patricia Arquette. Neither has lost ONE single award. Unless you count Patricia’s not getting the National Board of Review’s Supporting Actress which went to Jessica Chastain.



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