a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

BlizzardWell, for those who have been following this blog, they know that two rather traumatic things have happened this past week. And I was waiting, since everything comes in threes(that’s true, isn’t it?) It very well may have arrived in the form of the Blizzard of 2015.

In any case, I did slip getting out of the bath yesterday, but today I was just fine so….I can’t say I was ever so happy taking my usual daily bath IN MY LIFE.

My arms just gave out from under me as I tried to lift myself out of the tube. I struggled five or six or more times to no avail, and my arms were hurting. FINALLY, I decided to grab hold the very nearby bathroom sink, a very sturdy one, thank goodness, and it held, and I, kneeling on one knee, pulled myself out that way, and stood up, took a shower and everything was fine.

Except I now had an extreme fear of the bathtub, and I thought “This won’t do” and braved it again today and it went by in a flash. No problems. My arms, AND legs held. And now I’m fresh as a daisy, but SUDDENLY a blizzard has arrived.

New York is the least hard hit of all cities in terms of snow, because the sidewalks are all heated by the subways running underneath most of them. But I decided to not risk another THIRD THING. So I didn’t go out in it.

Everyone is being warned to stay indoors, so that’s what I’m doing. That bathtub slippage could be The Third Thing. Or it could simply be a warning.

Or could it be “Birdman” winning the SAG Best Ensemble Award last night? More on that later…


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