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Murder Suicide in My Lobby

What else can happen this week? I was in my room last night when this tragic event happened. A man shot his girl friend who lived a floor below me. I didn’t know her. They were quarrelling in the lobby. He had a gun and shot her. Then shot himself. I haven’t been down there yet today.

When you don’t know the people involved personally, it doesn’t effect you the same way you would be effected had you known them.

Being in a bus crash(on Tues.) was more upsetting, believe me. And this is only Thursday.

They say things come in threes. I hope not.

New York is a dangerous city. Still.


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  1. Just be very careful. I hope you are o.k.

    • Thanks, Kevin, for your concern. I didn’t know anything happened til the day after. That is, today. I received a call describing the events that went on downstairs last night.I heard nothing. I had no idea. Everybody in the building is pretty rattled needless to say. It was on all the News here. It was evidently a lovers’ quarrel, although the man was said to have left a suicide note at his home, coming here to kill the mother of his unborn child. Or was it his? He wasn’t sure, so he killed her. Shot her six times, and then shot himself. There was blood everywhere, people said, but today, as I went in and out there was no trace, except that the rug in that area was gone.

      They put a picture of the girl up, and she had a very sweet, Hispanic face. You’d never have thought that nice smiling young woman’s life would end so violently. Horrible. But I’m OK. God! A bus crash and now this! What next?

  2. Oh, that is so sad. I hope bad thing number three is a paper cut. Then you can get back to good things. Stay safe!

  3. Thank you, Linnet. I hope so.

  4. At least your 3’s don’t involve snakes.

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