a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Fiennes 1Budapest with TildaExpect there to be multiple upsets at the Golden Globes tomorrow night (is it time for the Golden Globs already?!?). With the ELEVEN astounding BAFTA nominations under its’ flashy, bejeweled belt “The Grand Budapest Hotel” could very well win not only Best Screenplay for its writer/director Wes Anderson, but also win in their Best Musical/Comedy category for Best Picture! Yes! It could. These are the Hollywood FOREIGN Press after all remember who give out this award. And don’t be surprised if Ralph Fiennes also nominated for “Budapest” wins Best Actor over favorite Michael Keaton again in the Musical/Comedy category which they are both in.. It could happen. “Grand Budapest Hotel” is a runaway train at this point. A runaway AWARDS train!


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