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Grand Budapest 3Theory of Everything 7The BAFTAS, the British equivalent of the Oscars announced their nominations this morning in London. There is a very large body of voting members of BAFTA that overlap the Oscar membership. They are called the “British Bloc” and are considered VERY influential in the eventual Oscar outcome.

The two most surprising turn of events this morning were the dominance of the hilarious comedy hit “The Grand Budapest Hotel” with ELEVEN nominations(!) including Best Picture, and Best Actor Ralph Fiennes(!!!). Fiennes is a total surprise here. He crashed the supposedly locked Best Actor race. Of course, he is British, so there is that home court advantage. But also crashing through was Jake Gyllenhaal(?!?!?) for his creepazoid turn in “NIghtcrawler.” Renee Russo, as I have been predicting also broke through in Supporting Actress for “Nightcrawler.” I think it would be lovely if this happened at the Oscars, too.

Meanwhile, “Theory of Everything” got nominated for, well, practically everything, including Best Picture, Best Actor ~ Eddie Redmaye, Best Actress ~ Felicity Jones and Best Director James Marsh. It came out ahead of “The Imitation Game” by one nomination. “Imitation Game” supposedly ahead of “Everything” got nine. Losing out in directing. “Imitation” was directed by Norwegian Morten Tyldum.

Even with the Weinstein Co.’s awards monkeys working in overdrive, they could not get Tyldum that key nomination. However, they DID get Amy Adams nominated for Best Actress in “Big Eyes”(!?!?!?!?) No, Jennifer Aniston didn’t appear here for “Cake.”

And very bad news for “Selma”. It was snubbed in all categories, even though its’ four leading actors are all British! NOT a good sign.

And before I forget “Birdman” got 10 nominations, too.

You can see the complete list of nominees at http://www.hitfix.com


Comments on: "“Grand Budapest Hotel” & “Theory of Everything” Top BAFTA with 11 & 10 Nominations, “Selma” snubbed" (2)

  1. Grand Budapest deserves every honor! It was stupendous. I had no idea Ralph Fiennes could be so funny!

    • Yes. He’s a great, great actor, and director, too. I hope he gets included in the Best Actor Oscar nominations, which are coming out in less than a week! With the dominance of “Grand Budapest Hotel”, it could be the film that stops “Boyhood”, if anything can. LOVED “GBH”. I had them all on my show, and will be re-posted their interviews for “GBH” shortly. It was in my Ten Best List, as I’m sure you remember.

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