a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

The Producer’s Guild, arguably the most influential guild in Hollywood, in terms of REALLY telling us all like it is, or very well might be, in the Oscar Race for Best Picture have just announced. These are REAL VOTING MEMBERS of the Academy, no press or critics in sight.

And they are, in alphabetical order:

American Sniper (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Producers: Bradley Cooper, p.g.a., Clint Eastwood, p.g.a., Andrew Lazar, p.g.a., Robert Lorenz, p.g.a., Peter Morgan, p.g.a.


  • Birdman (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Producers: Alejandro G. Iñárritu, John Lesher, James W. Skotchdopole


  • Boyhood (IFC Films)

Producers: Richard Linklater, p.g.a., Cathleen Sutherland, p.g.a.


  • Foxcatcher (Sony Pictures Classics)

Producers:  Megan Ellison, p.g.a., Jon Kilik, p.g.a., Bennett Miller, p.g.a.


  • Gone Girl (20th Century Fox)

Producer: Ceán Chaffin, p.g.a.


  • The Grand Budapest Hotel (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Producers: Wes Anderson & Scott Rudin, Jeremy Dawson, Steven Rales


  • The Imitation Game (The Weinstein Company)

Producers: Nora Grossman, p.g.a., Ido Ostrowsky, p.g.a., Teddy Schwarzman, p.g.a.


  • Nightcrawler (Open Road Films)

Producers: Jennifer Fox, Tony Gilroy


  • The Theory of Everything (Focus Features)

Producers: Tim Bevan & Eric Fellner, Lisa Bruce, Anthony McCarten


  • Whiplash (Sony Pictures Classics)

Producers: Jason Blum, Helen Estabrook, David Lancaster

The surprises are galore! No “Selma,” also no “Unbroken.” The two films directed by women are left out!

No “Into the Woods” but the Indie-ish “Foxcatcher,” “Whiplash” and Clint Eastwood’s late-breaking “American Sniper” are in. Along with the Usual Supects!

The plot thickens!Nightcrawler 2Fiennes 1Budapest 1


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