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Top Ten Movies of 2014

Fiennes 1Marion 2Selma 2Theory 1Gone Girl 1This year has been a rather thin one for movies as the most talented bail for writing/directing series TV. I was barely ably to scrape up ten films I could really get behind but here they are below.

1. Theory of Everything

2. Selma

3. Two Days, One Night

4, Gone Girl

5. Whiplash

6. Nightcrawler

7. Grand Budapest Hotel

8. I-Origins

9. Calvary

10. Belle


Comments on: "Top Ten Movies of 2014" (2)

  1. Did you get to see “Beyond the Lights” Stephen with Gugu Mbatha-Raw? Would love your thoughts on that Stephen. She turned in two amazing performances this year with that your #10 “Belle”.

    • Joshua, Thank you for your comment, and no I haven’t seen “Beyond the Lights.” But I guess you did and you enjoyed it! I saw her first as Ophelia on Bway in Jude Law’s “Hamlet” a few seasons back and said to myself “That girl is going places!” And she has! Oprah actually threw a garden party for Gugu in Hwood around the time that “Belle” came out. Loved it!

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