a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Boyhood 2It’s December 1, and the awards have started raining down on Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood.” This afternoon it won Best Picture(and Best Director and Best Supporting Actress) from the prestigious New York Film Critics, and this evening it continued its’ winning streak with the Gotham Audience Award where it again won Best Picture.”Birdman” however won Best Feature.

This, in these categories, may be repeated and repeated endlessly for the rest of Awards Season, which is now totally upon us.It will be interesting to see what the L.A. Film Critics vote for next week.

At the Gothams, Michael Keaton for “Birdman” snatched his mojo for Best Actor back from British giant Timothy Spall, who usurped his place this afternoon by winning Best Actor in a delightful surprise for “Mr. Turner.” Julianne Moore did the same by triumphing at the Gothams for “Still Alice” whereas Marion Cotillard won this morning for Best Actress at the NYFCC for “The Immigrant” and “Two Days, One Night,” the later a Belgian film in French.

Gregory Ellwood has a very funny blog on the Gothams at http://www.hitfix.com along with a list of all the happenings and all the rest of the winners.

And the Academy, who doles out the Oscars, may not wish to participate in rubber-stamping “Boyhood,” a film it may not relate to(as I myself didn’t). But it sure looks and feels like an awards juggernaut starting today.

And tomorrow the National Board of Review chimes in.

Fasten your seatbelts!


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