a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Nightcrawler 1

“Nightcrawler” Jake Gyllenhaal’s creepy LA noir is doing really, really well at the Box-Office. It may even be #1 as of this weekend. This is REALLLLLY good for the great Jake’s Oscar chances. The Best Actor category is soooo crowded, just like it was last year, and Jake G. really needed this magic-hype from audiences to get into contention. But these numbers may very well do it for him.

His performance certainly deserves it. Eddie Redmayne for “Theory of Everything” coming up very soon, Benedict Cumberbatch in “Imitation Game” and Michael Keaton for “Birdman” are already pretty much nominated. I’m not at all sold on Timothy Spall for the disappointing “Mr. Turner” and Steve Carrell for the equally underwhelming “Foxcatcher” are not as solid as others think

More on those two Oscar misfires later. Both let me down tremendously.

And another Oscar hopeful that is out and playing already “Whiplash” is not connecting as it should be with movie-goers. And it really has to, especially in this incredibly crowded Oscar season.


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