a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"


And so now it’s only two weeks left to contribute to my Kickstarter Project “Get Stephen Holt to the Toronto Film Festival 2014”!

Facebook friends, I don’t know if you know how Kickstarter works, but it’s a wonderful thing for artists like myself, who are financially-challenged by what they love to do. You get to contribute to the continuation of “The Stephen Holt Show” and there are some nice rewards as well.

In my case, what I love is covering the wonderful films at the Toronto Film Festival. They have the highest concentration of the best American Films there. The quality ones that are seeking Hollywood’s top prize, the Oscar.

They also are a platform like no other for independent films, who otherwise might not get this kind of recognition at all. And attending the Toronto Film Festival as an accredited journalist is really the highest pinnacle for an entertainment journalist like me, and an essential one. If you’re not there, you’re nowhere.

And to not have the money to get there and stay there for the right amount of time, i.e., long enough to cover the major films,  which is about six-seven days, is just terrible and frightening to contemplate. And so far we’ve received $0.00, which, by any standards, is awful.

So I hope you can help, please! i do this for YOU! AND I don’t make any money from it. You’re enjoying my blog(4 years) and my web-series(eight years) and my TV show(26 and a half years), so this is crucial in my continuing to do all this.

I know you’re out there.. Please help! And thank you. For watching, reading, listening all these years!

Just click on the phrase “Only Two Weeks Left! Hurry” at the top of the page and it will take you right to my Kickstarter project.




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