a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Only 17 Days Left!

Yikes! There are only 17 Days Left to contribute to “The Stephen Holt Show”s 2014 Kickstarter Fund!

This is to help get Stephen Holt and a camera man to the super-incredible, super-essential Toronto Film Festival which is coming up faster than a Kickstarter goal deadline.

So far we have had no contributions whatsoever! That’s right! It’s $00.00 which is really depressing. If we can’t get to Toronto and cover Toronto, it’s a big step down in my entertainment/Oscar coverage. I don’t know what I’ll do! We’ve been going to the Toronto Film Festival as accredited journalists for the past 15 years, and its’ high profile films are the top American films of the year, as everyone knows.

If 19 readers could each give one hundred dollars, we’d pass our goal! And I know that there are more than 19 readers of this blog! So help! And Hurry! Quickly! Please…

So click on the above link that says “Only 17 Days Left” and it will take you directly to Kickstarter.com and they will tell you what to do!

Thank you in advance!


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