a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

New Kickstarter Project Launched! Get Stephen Holt Show to TIFF 1014!

So proud and happy to be announcing that once again Kickstarter has accepted my new proposal for 2014!

Yes, once again we need your help, dear readers, dear cineastes, dear lovers-of-theater!

Here’s the link to Kickstarter where I explain everything.

Toronto is becoming more and more expensive to get to and stay there for as much of the Festival as possible, every year.

Toronto’s great film festival is the #1 film festival in the world in my book, and certainly in my world.

It’s like the Festival that has taken over Show Business. Everything seems to emanate from there every year. Last year, they launched “12 Years a Slave” into the Oscar stratosphere. Kyle Buchanan of Slate. com declared the Oscar race over the minute he saw it, and I said the same thing here.

It was just incredibly exciting to be there and to see that phenomenon begin to happen. It was like watching the sun explode!

“Gravity” was also there, causing every one who saw it to rave, about its’ technical mastery and 3D breakthroughs and of course, Sandra Bullock’s brave, solo performance.

To be there and to witness that first hand and to be able to convey it to you, dear readers, dear cineastes is a thrill and a pleasure beyond compare.

But financially, it’s more difficult than ever. The Canadian Dollar is up again against the U.S. dollar, and so it just gets harder and harder to fund all this fabulousness at TIFF, so we really do need your help. And we really do appreciate it.

We didn’t make our goal last year, so I lowered the goal a little this year. Maybe we’ll make it this time…

I hate asking or talking about money, but now, once again, I’m faced with having to. And if it wasn’t for the people who did help(although we came nowhere near our goal) I thank you again and every day for your loyalty and support.

So here we go again, and TIFF looks bigger and better and more important than ever. And CRUCIAL to staying visible in this competitive Business of Show.

Thanks again in advance!

Oops! Almost forgot to include the link ~

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