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Alladin 2

Compared to the “Les Miserables” number, “You’ve never had a friend like me” number from “Alladin” was as tacky and tasteless as it was onstage, but it was only a few minutes rather than a few hours. James Munroe Iglehart who will probably win Best Featured Actor in a Musical in a few minutes wasn’t as sweaty as he was onstage.

Jonathan Groff, another recent guest on my show, very smartly introduces Idina Menzel, pronouncing her name correctly.

Idina belts out her solo number from the shaky “If/Then”. No set or production number behind her. Just pure Idina. She brings down the house all by herself! Much more relaxed than she was at the Oscars belting out “Let It Go” at the Oscars.

Clint Eastwood! What’s he doing here? Oh that’s right, he’s just opening his new film version of the “Jersey Boys” which he mentions. Best Director of a Musical. Darko Tresnjak wins!
Clint just says “Darko!”

Darko movingly thanks his husband and his mother! Sweet! Kudos!

Clint continues to announce Best Director of a Play, Kenny Leon for the revival of “A Raisin in the Sun.” No one expected this either! Very nice speech.

Samuel L.Jackson now introduces “Rocky:The Musical” After a brief jump rope work-out warm -up in grey hoodies to “The Eye of the Tiger” they move the entire boxing ring onstage and stage a bit of the boxing knock-out ending. No singing. Just boxing. No nomination for Best Musical. Just Andy Karl.Who’s been nominated for Best Actor in a Musical.

Now I’ve seen everything. A musical without a musical number. Just boxing.

Fran Drescher gives James Munroe Iglehart his Best Featured Actor in a Musical Award for the genie, as I said at the top of this article. He does a jive “Prayer Shout”. That was fun.

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