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Amy Adams 1Oscar Wars Starting Already! Julianne Moore v. Amy Adams

Yes, it’s not too early to start recognizing the upcoming clash of the Oscar Overdue Veteran Actresses this year. Winning the Best Actress award at Cannes for “Maps to the Stars” is a big boost to Julianne Moore’s Oscar Nomination chances. Sure, she’s WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overdue with something gargantuan like four previous nominations, but no wins. She’s 53. She’s got a helluva year coming up. And she’s well-liked and never won. But wait! “Maps to the Stars” is opening VERY soon. That really says something to me in terms of Oscar.

I mean, look at the positioning of “Foxcatcher” with a Best Director win for Bennett Miller at Cannes. Sony Pictures Classics isn’t opening it until the Oscar hot spot of November. Means they have the utmost confidence in the Steve Carell/Channing Tatum/Mark Ruffalo starrer.

But wait…over in the other corner of the boxing ring for Best Actress sits Amy Adams, ALSO WWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overdue with five nominations no wins. And this year, she’s got Harvey Weinstein behind her, which she’s never had before. She’s got a much-buzzed film called “Big Eyes” and that is also being positioned for later this year.

I give the Julienne v. Amy battle to Amy. Both are worthy, and both long, long overdue. One of them will win, but I do think it’s going to be Amy(+Harvey) for the win. He helped Meryl get hers…for that awful “Iron Lady.” He got Jennifer Lawrence hers for “Silver Linings Playbook.” The man is magic, Academy catnip for Best Actresses and this year he’s backing Amy’s horse. Lucky Amy!

Plus Amy’s got the more sympathetic role of the over-looked wife and mother who actually painted the world=famous “Big Eyes” paintings, not her husband who took all the credit. And Julianne, at least in “Maps to the Stars” is playing the all-too-familiar Hollywood staple, the neurotic aging actress. May cut too close to Hollywood’s bone. And the reaction to this film in Cannes was mixed.

Are we doing Oscar bean-counting already? Well, why not. Julianne has four previous nomws. Amy has five. Even by the numbers Amy wins this. And it’s about time, too. And she’s playing a type of role that is dear to Oscar’s heart, the long-suffering wife/mom.


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