a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Stephen Holt interviews Brit stars Miranda Richardson and Sam Reid about the hot new film “Belle.”

Editing ~ Jason Bohbot


Comments on: "Miranda Richardson & Sam Reid talk “Belle”" (7)

  1. “We need more like this.” Absolutely! Thanks for the interview Stephen and BTW, you rock the hat!

  2. Miranda is so gorgeous.Nice interview!

    • Thx Christy! Keep replying! We love it!

      • Maybe in a future interview,you could get Miranda to talk about something other than her movies as well? (Not that I don’t enjoy hearing her talk about them of course) She is rather private, I don’t blame her and I understand that.It would just be be nice to know about her pets,or what her favorite type of flowers are,perhaps a favorite book.Something other than the usual I suppose.Or maybe that is all none of my business! Haha! Just a thought… Or let me have a go! 😉 LOL.

  3. I would love to have the time to ask Miranda all those questions as well. But we have SUCH a limited amount of time given to us in these limited junket situations. Perhaps in the future, there will be more time. The film studio wants us to talk JUST about the film that it is spending a small fortune to promote, in this case the beautiful “Belle”.

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