a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

The ever intriguing Jake Gyllenhaal is playing TWO versions of himself in his new movie called “Enemy”. It might be the worst film he’s ever made. They should’ve called it “Frenemy”. It might have made more sense.

But don’t worry if you’re thoroughly confused by this non-thriller. It’s a real WTF. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

I thought two Jakes is a marvelous idea. Double the flavor. fun. But no, it’s a mess…

You keep trying to follow it, but there is no point. So don’t even bother.

Unless you’re a die-hard Jake fan, which I am. And don’t get me wrong, the problem is not with the always enthralling Gyllenhaal. He’s very good in both roles.

One the nerdy history teacher in Toronto. Yes, Toronto. And two, the darker character, a hip young actor who does small parts in Canadian films and wears sunglasses and leather jackets and rides a motorcycle. Yeah, the actor is the bad dude, or twin, or doppelganger or extra-terrestrial or whatever-the-hell he is.

Jake delineates both roles, subtly and charmingly. Both “twins” have beards in this one. And it’s directed by Denis Villeneuve, the French Canadian director who did such a marvelous, atmospheric job with the super-creepy “Prisoners.” But here, Toronto looks like, well…Toronto…

I don’t know if that sparkling city can ever be made to look brightly sinister unless you’re Atom Egoyan. But here the scariest thing is that you might just have wasted two more hours of your valuable life.

It’s great to see two Jakes…but please, not in a movie where all of the city of Toronto is being taken over by supernatural spiders disguised as attractive blonde women.

Obviously, Jake can be talked into ANYthing these days.



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