a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Oscars are over. What is going to happen to Lupita Nyong'o?

Now that she’s had the moment of a lifetime, going from zero to hero(ine), from unknown to winner of the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in a very hard fought race, what’s next for Lupita Nyong’o?

If you ask her, from published reports, her answer is always the same “Nothing.” Not meaning that she WANTS to do nothing, but that, I think, she just hasn’t decided what of what’s she’s being offered, she wants to do next.

And you can imagine she’s being offered the world right now. I would THINK everybody in film or any media is approaching her about all kinds of roles. Or ARE THEY?

Sasha Stone at http://www.awardsdaily.com is always championing roles for African-American or in the case of Lupita who is Kenyan, black actresses. And there are a scarce few of them, to be sure.

And also the mythical Oscar baggage that Best Supporting Actress(always MY favorite category since childhood) is supposed to carry. Meaning that’s it’s a curse, and people never work again, or work again at that level, which is nonsense.

Look at Marisa Tomei, the most maligned of all the young winners, who won awhile back for “Cousin Vinny”. Marisa has just gone on from strength to strength. And she about to open on Broadway shortly, too.

This is one thing Lupita has in her background, her love of theater. Specifically, the Yale School of Drama. It’s not easy to be accepted there, and it’s imprimatur + the Oscar will always assure Lupita of a continuing series of great roles there.

She’ll be a Broadway star in a matter of minutes, if SHE wants to be.

She VERY smart. She’s already directed a film about Albinism in African and you can bet that film now has a distributor. She also STARRED in a Kenyan TV series called “Sugah” and I bet that turns up stateside, too.

Will she star as superwomen in blockbuster franchise? There’s already the rumor that J.J.Abrams has his eye on her. But does Lupita have her eye on him? That’s the question.

Lupita knows that she’s ascended to a rarefied atmosphere. She’s a beautiful, young Oscar winning actress. What puts her future into hot debate is that there are virtually no roles at all for women who fit this description.

But you can be sure that producers like Tyler Perry will create them for her. And other Indie filmmakers will be stumbling over each other to get her into their films.

As financing for adult Hollywood movies continue to evaporate daily, as Anne Thompson so defly lays out in her new book “The 11 Billion Dollar Year”, just where will Lupita go?

I’m betting that she’s going to be able to go most anywhere. Her “Taming of the Shrew” for instance was supposed to be her most memorable role at Yale. You can see New York’s Public Theater reviving that in Central Park very soon I would wager. And if they’re NOT considering that, they should.

But of course, Lupita loves film and world audiences want to see her on film. Currently she’s in the Liam Neeson actioner that is #1 at the box-office, playing a small part of a stewardess. The role is small, but it’s #1, and hey, that means many, many people are seeing it.

Lupita also majored in directing at Hampshire College, and she has a strong interest in being behind the camera, too. Her speech-writing is adept and I’m sure if she wanted to turn her hand to screen-writing, she’d be amazing at that, too.

She’s got a wicked sense of humor, too. She’s not just all drama-drama-and-more-drama, so in other words, I think there is nothing Lupita Nyong’o can’t do.

The world is her oyster and I think she’s going to continue to defy all expectations, and astound us.

She will give us many, many new things to see, and new ways of seeing them, in a career that looks to be as long as she wants it to be.

And I for one can’t wait!

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