a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Oscar Afters. It's All Over. Until...

The Oscars are over…but actually, they’re NEVER over in my world. They linger on…like a haunting refrain all year long, until next year…

Lupita totally dominated the whole evening. I’m so ecstatic about her win. Knowing her since Yale, I feel like I’ve gone the distance with her.

The Wilsons, whom she thanked in her acceptance speech for the ages, were her fellow classmates at the Yale School of Drama 2012! I had the pleasure of having one of that class work with me at the Drama Desk Nominee reception 2013, William DeMerritt, and I’ll post that video in a bit.

Me? I’m thrilled that a film “12 Years a Slave” and an actress Luptia Nyong’o whom I know, won. Their breakthrough to Oscar gold is historic and Saturday was Lupita’s 31st birthday.

She’s the talk of Hollywood. The new princess and she’s got the smarts, style and eloquence to go the distance and break records and make history in whatever she does. Her talent is recognized and awarded and applauded. The world is at her feet. And so am I….

Not as happy with the others, though I’m glad Cate Blanchett triumphed over the Woody Allen mess that was thrown in her way. She really handled it all with great intelligence and great grace. And of course, WHAT A PERFORMANCE!

Almost no surprises, but Lupita’s win and “12 Years” win was a nail-biter in the extreme. Neither was a foregone conclusion. And now can we note that the Broadcast Film Critics foretold the winners EXACTLY in almost every single category? And so did the Indie Spirits!

So it was deja vu all over again and Entertainment weekly’s cover was RIGHT this year!

Me? I’ve got something akin to the flu and I’m as exhausted as if I had actually been there this year.

I’ve never live-blogged before, and I’m happy to report that “The Stephen Holt Show’s Blog” went over 1400 hits just yesterday which is a record-breaker and a history-maker in and of itself. Just like the show was.

Ellen De G. verged from tremendous to tasteless. Hated the Pizza bit. AND the Selfie. But I’m in a minority on both I’m afraid.

Ellen had Cate, Jared and Lupita on her show LIVE today and they all were pretty much zonked out. Lupita hadn’t slept. She said she remembers nothing except she thinks she saw Miley Cyrus, but she wasn’t sure.

But Lupita was right about “the Wilsons”, her “adopted family”, her classmates at YSD and I was there and I saw them all perform and I thought they were one of the strongest classes I’d ever seen. All of them. And now here’s Lupita, dazzling the world! And so quickly! Right out of school!

This is a far cry from poor Ann Dowd’s getting completely shut out of a nomination last year.

I guess this was a much MUCH more satisfying year than ever for me. My guys won. Although Chiwetel didn’t. I voted for him, and lost my Oscar pool.

And now I have the flu. Or something like it. New York’s horrible winter rages on with sub-zero temperatures and no snow, thank goodness. And Lupita is the new Princess of Hollywood. Long may she reign!


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