a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Live Blogging the Oscars! It Begins!

It’s starting ! AT LAST! Ellen De G. in front of an audience of Oscars! She mentions the rair, and says “Thank you for your prayers.” She mentions Lupita! Lupita looks lovely in her dress which keeps changing blues and greens depending. All stunning. She just called Liza Minelli “sir” Liza didn’t like that. And being called “a Liza Minelli impersonator”.

She’s wearing a kind of pageboy look. She asks Amy Adams if she went to college. Amy shakes her head “No”. She notes Amy’s been in two Oscar-nominated films. “American Hustle” and “Her”.

Nobody’s laughing at a lot of her jokes…Actually, Ellen’s in men’s clothing….She says to Jennifer Lawrence, she’s worried that she’ll fall again if she wins, so they’ll bring the Oscar TO her…

Prettiest person there she said is Jared Leto. “Dallas Buyer’s Club” is about people who have sex at rodeos ‘ugh” She says.

She says “Jonah Hill showed us something we haven’t seen before in “Wolf of Wall Street.”

Anne Hathaway presenting Best Supporting Actor, wearing a much better dress than she did when she won last year. Sparkling. Black? With sequins. Showing clips of the nominees.
Subdued applause when Michael Fassbender is shown in “Slave”….Roars, cheers with Jared Leto” as Rayon.

Jared Leto wins! He does look lovely hugs Matthew Shakes Jonah Hill’s hand, who remains in seat..

VERY MOVING SPEECH by Jared Leto. I’m crying…


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