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Oscar Change of Heart for Feinberg! Everybody loves Lupita!

In perhaps the best article he’s written YET on the Oscars, and he’s written seemingly millions, Scott Feinberg of “The Hollywood Reporter” has done it again and topped himself with the best, most trenchant and pointed analysis of the season. And here’s a link ~
Bascially, he’s changing his print edition pick of Jennifer Lawrence for Best Supporting Actress to my fave Lupita Nyong’O. I’ve seen this coming all along and it’s simply based on the excellence of her heart-wrenching performance.
For those too busy to read Scott’s excellent article, I’ll try to explain it quickly.
He has come to the conclusion that “12 Years a Slave” is going to win Best Picture, but he rightly posits, “What else?” Not since the 1930’s has an Oscar winning movie only won the main award and nothing else. So Lupita is someone the world has fallen in love with this year EVEN IF THEY HAVEN’T WATCHED THE MOVIE!?!?!

And tragedy ALWAYS trumps comedy(J-Law in the light-weight throw away “American Hustle”) and JLaw has not been anywhere this Oscar season to campaign for her second Oscar. Already having won last year for “Silver Linings Playbook”, it’s truly too much too soon. Two Oscars In a Row could kill her.

If you saw her acceptance speech when she won at the Golden Globes, Jennifer looked like she was going to have a nervous breakdown And said “Stop doing this to me!” which means giving her allll these awards. She’s only 23. And to give her two Oscars before she was even 24 Scott Feinberg(and Anne Thompson AND Mark Harris AND Sasha Stone AND Jeff Wells, btw) all think it’s not going happen.

Scott also notes that he had to put his Oscar article to bed(or file it) BEFORE the VOTING was even closed. I can identify. Because for 25 years that’s what I had to do with my TV show vis a vis getting it edited and on the air in time for the Oscar date.

But this year I didn’t. For the first time since forever(to paraphrase “Frozen”) I did not shoot an Academy Awards prediction show. And really the race has been SOOOOO volatile this year that it actually was suited more to the Internet and this blog, which I can do anytime and all day long, 24/7, and so yes, I’m perfectly fine with Scott’s assumptions.

JLaw is shooting ANOTHER “Hunger Games” so as Scott said it’s “an excused absence” but Lupita has been every where charming everyone and becoming a Fashion Icon as well as an instant Pop Culture heroine.

So I’m very happy to share Scott’s great article.
Plus in case you haven’t been keeping up here’s my final predictions for the top categories
Best Picture ~ “12 Years a Slave”
Best Actor~Chiwetel Ejiofor for “12 Years a Slave”
Best Supporting Actor ~ Jared Leto for “Dallas Buyer’s Club”
Best Director ~ Alphonso Cuaron for “Gravity”
Best Original Screenplay~ “American Hustle”
Best Adapted Screenplay ~ “12 Years a Slave”

and of course, the lovely Lupita for “12 Years.”

The only limb I seem to be going out on here is Chiwetel. But he gave the Best Performance, IMHO, and he’s an actors actor. And while Matthew Mc. is wowing everyone on HBO. It’s TV!!!! It makes him a television actor,T a Hwood star but not yet a film ACTOR. Yes, the Academy is old enough to still make that snobbish disctinction between the media(s) and yes, they still look down their noses at television, which they STILL see as “the enemy.” Like they did, well, in the ’50s. AND IT’S STILL THE SAME PEOPLE VOTING! It’s the “slap the stud syndrome” as Tom O’Neil at http://www.golddergy.com And the SWORM want to make MMcC suffer just a little bit more for all those godawful romcoms he did for years.

I’ve never posted so many blog posts as I have this year, but there’s been soooo much to say, and soooo many good films to write about.

And now, the Envelope PLEASE!!!!

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