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The Marshall, Hot New Theater District Eaterie, Where the Food(and YOU) are the Stars!

Stop the presses! The hottest restaurant news in Hell’s Kitchen is that The Marshal is the best, new eaterie in ages! Conveniently located near the edges of the Theater District, the Marshal is THEE place to go for marvelously healthy food, that is all locally sourced. And all the tastes and the prices, too, are sublime. At 628 Tenth Avenue between 44th & 45th St., it’s a great place to dine right before your next Broadway show!

They are also open for lunch, brunch and even Breakfast! I had lunch there twice recently and I can’t wait to go back again!

I’m endlessly enthusiastic about The Marshal. Compact Cozy (you’ve got to make reservations!) It’s has been packed even in the midst of the tremendous blizzards New York has been experiencing.

The vegetable side-dishes are a must! Pictured here is the Winter Vegetable Bake, which I’ve had TWICE now and the brussell sprouts with bacon which were out of this world! They do brusell sprouts in a seemingly endless array of dishes and they were all delicious!

I had the lamb shoulder sandwich one day and the GIGANTIC bacon cheeseburger on another. The hamburger was the biggest I’d ever seen in my life! Both cooked to perfection in their giant wood-burning stove in the back.

And the dessert I remember most fondly is the apple-raspberry crumble coated with cinnamon.

There’s a bar there, too, and the owner is the affable,dapper,young restauranteur Charlie Marshall(with two L’s, whom it is named for. The restaurant is just one “l”). And he’s often present to make sure your dining experience is first class.

I’m getting hungry just writing this! Oh! I know! I’ll go to the Marshal AGAIN! I feel like I always want to be there! The atmosphere is so warm and welcoming. And in the middle of all this snow we’ve been having, it’s nice to know that the Marshal is there.And they change their menus EVERY DAY! As well as baking their own delicious bread. It’s incredible to me that everything is local, but it is. The Marshal is dedicated to that, and I’m dedicated to the Marshal!

628 Tenth Avenue
New York, New York 10036

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