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This is starting to seem a little bit familiar. But thank god that “12 Years a Slave” won Best Picture, again. But aside from Lupita Nyong’O breaking through in Best Supporting Actress, “12 Years” only also won Best Adapted Screenplay for John Ridley but won NOTHING else. I guess McQueen was not satisfied that Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Fassbender didn’t win in their categories, and he lost AGAIN to Alphonse Cauron for Best Director for “Gravity”

But at least the Critics did the right thing and gave “12 Years” Best Picture. Director Steve McQueen looked more than a little pissed and gave a very brief almost waspish speech, like he couldn’t get off the stage fast enough. Consequently, the show seemed to end early.

Lupita was seen laughing and smiling and bouncing up and down in her seat in the audience, clearly the picture of happiness personified. What a beautiful night she must be having!

Matthew McConaughey won AGAIN for “Dallas Buyers Club” and Cate Blanchett won AGAIN for “Blue Jasmine” and they both gave nice speeches. She profusely thanked Woody Allen “for writing such great parts for women. I’m just the lucky girl who got the call,” she demured modestly.

Jared Leto at least acknowledged HIS award also for “Dallas Buyers Club” was “for people living with HIV-AIDS and all those that are trying to help them live.” That was beautiful.

But the shot of Leonardo DiCaprio’s face, as McConaughey was giving his SECOND acceptance speech of the past three days, was priceless. He looked fed up and unhappy. Like “So this is what’s going to happen now?” Since he did win the Best Comedy Actor award at the Golden Globes and again tonight, you could’ve said that it was down to him v. McConaughey. And now it seems clear that McConaughey is going to keep on winning. And “Wolf of Wall Street” and Leo and Martin Scorsese are NOT.

The highpoint for me was Lupita! Congratulations, young Hollywood’s newest Princess!



I don’t think Leo’s nominated for the SAG Award which is SATURDAY night(exhausted yet?) So we’ll see if McConaughey looses or beats Chiwetel.
And if Lupita triumphs again…

“American Hustle” won Best Comedy, Best Comic Actress Amy Adams, Best Ensemble.

Comments on: "“12 Years” Best Picture, McConaughey & Blanchett win Critics’ Choice Awards!" (4)

  1. In agreement with “12 Years” being best picture. Just saw “Dallas Buyers Club” and McConaughey was definitely worthy as Best Actor. Jared Leto as supporting as well. I have yet to see “Wolf of Wall Street” and reserve the right to judge afterwards. But “Dallas etc.” really was superb and very real. I would still say that Cate Blanchett should win in Woody’s “Blue Jasmine” which I thought she did very well. I do hope “12 Years” gets it’s share. I loved the movie but, at times, the reality was so jarring that it hit like a block of ice. I will be looking in the coming weeks for more insights from this site.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful reply, Kevin. We are pretty much in agreement. This weekend will be very telling with the SAG and the DGA this weekend. Lupita’s acceptance at the BFCA was very moving. She was in tears. Oprah was in tears and standing and applauding.
      I’ve seen “12 Years a Slave” three times now. It’s a masterpiece. I hope it just continues to grow and grow ~ awardswise.

  2. Hi Stephen, I’m writing from the UK, always enjoy your posts.

    I’ve seen 12YAS several times now and the scene of Patsy’s (almost offscreen) collapse in the background as Solomon escapes to his liberation becomes more powerful with every repeat viewing. The thought of what life holds for her without the emotional strength she has until that point drawn from Solomon is truly devastating. It is the profoundly affecting performance of Lupita Nyong’o in the film that makes the sequence so heartbreaking; we care for her deeply by this point and completely empathise with her despair. Consequently, I find Solomon’s homecoming scene immediately afterwards slightly anti-climatic because thoughts of Patsy are still lingering strong.

    Regarding awards, it came as no surprise that Jennifer Lawrence won the Globe, a win for her there seemed to fit the bill. My fear is this – I expect Lupita to follow up her BFCA win with repeats at SAG and BAFTA, however, even with those victories I can foresee a situation where Lawrence is awarded the Oscar and that disappoints me.

    AMPAS showed great support for American Hustle in yesterday’s nominations but Supporting Actress appears to be its only realistic chance of an ‘above the line’ win (if, as I do, you regard Matthew McConaughey as the frontrunner which will be affirmed when, as I predict, he secures SAG).

    Do you think Lupita could be vulnerable even with BFCA, SAG and BAFTA under her belt?

    If only Walter White had been on the Epps plantation: http://goo.gl/bXc3nA

    • Dear Kenny,

      Very moved by your beautiful, well thought-out comment. Yes, Patsie’s fate haunts me, too. The truth is we just don’t know. I think it is not even known how or when or where Solomon Northup himself died. I’m no expert on slave history, so I don’t the details of most slaves’ passing. There is a burial scene towards the end of the movie. I imagine that many deaths occured like it did to the poor slave depicted in the film, who just fell over dead in the field. I thought that implied that that was a good way to go. Quickly. But seeing as how Patsie was borderline suicidal, she might have done what she asked Solomon to do to her, if she was pushed any further. Yes, that scene of his leaving her was crushing. I felt her despair all over again.But also, she had the protection of Master Epps who was obsessed with her. So perhaps she did live on and become his Mistress Shaw. Anything could’ve happened. We just don’t know.
      And of course, the joyous thing is that Lupita’s brilliant performance has brought Patsie’s tragic circumstances to life on the screen forever.
      I think she has a VERY good shot to keep on winning. Her BFCA speech moved Oprah Winfrey to tears and the whole audience was deeply moved, too, as we both were. I think SAG, tomorrow night, will tell us what may continue to happen. Lupita Nyong’O is a very special talent.
      And Fox Searchligh has made arrangements with Martin Luther King’s estate and they are now running audio quotes from him under visuals from the film as one of the new ads I saw on TV this morning. It was equally moving. They ALSO introduced a new commercial featuring Chiwetel (and pronouncing his name correctly) and also Lupita. Front and center, in a TV ad running during a major network shows, I think it was Good Morning America. I think both these commercials show that Fox Searchlight is not letting any grass grow under their feet re: Chiwetel’s and Lupita’s much deserved nominations. If either of them wins SAG, it’s a step in the right direction. On Saturday night, we’ll know.

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