a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Amy Adams’ nomination really has just thrown the locked up Best Actress into a cocked hat! She’s had five nominations now, and no win. But going up against Cate Blanchett who has won everything else so far…This is for “Blue Jasmine”, which also got a surprise nomination for her sister in the Woody Allen film, Sally Jenkins! Which makes me very happy. She knocked out OPRAH!!!

And Jonah Hill who got no “precursor” awards for “Wolf of Wall Street” got his second nomination for Best Supporting Actor for “Wolf of Wall Street”,which was really a surprise!Along with Leonardo Di Caprio for Best Actor, Best Director Martin Scorcese, and a Best Picture nomination, too.So “Wolf” got more support from the Academy than I expected.

Matthew McConaughy, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor Jared Leto, Best Picture, Best Screenplay! Yay!

“12 Years a Slave” got all the major categories, including Best Adapted Screenplay, too with a total of nine.

Woody Allen got nominated for Best Original Screenplay as did Spike Jonze for “Her” which also got a Best Picture nomination. More soon. On this exciting Oscar morning.


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