a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

First of all, let me quickly say how terrible I feel for “Inside Llewyn Davis” and Oscar Isaac, a recent memorable guest on “The Stephen Holt Show.” I was wrong about the deep love for the Coen Bros. that I assumed the Academy still felt. Guess not. But it DID get a Best Cinemtography nomination for Bruno Delbonell, for his dreamy work on making Greenwich Village look like the dreamscape I remembered it as a kid. First of all, it was CLEAN. It looked NEW. And additionally it was all in winter! Bravo Bruno! He also won the NYFCC for Best Cinematography. 

In other news, the disgraced and permanently embarassed NYFCC ousted its’ offending member who insulted Steve McQueen, the winner there for Best Director for “12 Years a Slave.” The only category I thought “12YAS” missed out on was Best Cinematography. As some one said elsewhere earlier this morning “Ouch!” 

Jeff Wells and Oscar Goddess Sasha Stone have a great podcast going at http://www.hollywood-elsewhere.com which is buried deep inside a posting from Jeff about Jonah Hill’s surprise Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. All I can say about JH is YUCK!

But very happy that “12 YAS” got the nine it deserved. Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor Chiwetel Ejiafor, Best Supporting Actor, Michael Fassbender and the more beautiful every day Lupita Nyong’O for Best Supporting Actress. Lupita’s main competition is the now officially over-awarded Jennifer Lawrence for “American Hustle.” 

They REALLY like “American Hustle” I’m sorry to say. Sasha Stone says in the podcast that Amy Adams’ now nominated for Best Actress performance in “AH” is “sub-par” which is putting it nicely. And she DIDN’T knock ole friend Meryl Streep out of the crowded Best Actress category. It was “mortal lock” Emma Thompson! A really great gal and a fine actress, but “Saving Mr. Banks” got nothing, and that was maybe what it deserved.  A Walt Disney white-wash that no one was buying. and a denigration of the memory of Mary Poppins’ creator P.L. Travers.

I was also wildly wrong about poor Daniel Bruhl in Supporting Actor for “Speed”. His place was taken by the odious Jonah Hill(yuck again). But I surprised myself about being right about Bradley Cooper for “American Hustle” in that category! So I got four out of five with Fassbender, Jared Leto for “Dallas Buyer’s Club”, Cooper, Hill and the sole acting nominee Somoli Barkhad Abdi for “Captain Phillips.” He got in and Tom Hanks did not. Hanks lost out TWICE once in lead for “Phillips” and also in Supporting for “Saving Mr. Banks” as Walt Disney himself. Double ouch! There must be a cloud of gloom over at the Hanks house this Oscar morning.

More soon.


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