a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Yes, dear readers, dear cineastes, we unfortunately did not mee our Kickstarter goal. Yesterday it closed down at noon and so now what happens? Well, first of all all the backers receive their money back. OR similarly, Kickstarter just doesn’t bill them. And also, let me thank sincerely those intrepid souls who DID contibute. Your belief in my show and my hoped-for trip to TIFF’13 is incredibly touching.

Thirteen people backed this and you know who you are so thank you. 

I’ve been given the first two nights by Ontario Tourism. It’s my dream destination. The Fairmount Royal York in downtown Toronto, directly across from the main train station where all trains come into Toronto.

I’ll be arriving via VIA rail from the Montreal Film Festival, where I go first and the train station is right there, bang! Across the street from the Royal York. The Royal York is the incredibly oppulent Olde World-y, traditionally swank and British hotel where the Queen stays when she’s in TO. 

Been a life’s dream of mine. 

But it’s only the first two nights, Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday is the day I travel between the two great Canadian cities, with their great film festivals and Wednesday is the day you check-in before the film festival starts at the press office which just opens that day.

So then what? Do I just turn right around and go back home? Two nights is charming, but then…?


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