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Soooo how relative after all is said and done are the BAFTAS this year? Well, “Argo” is unstoppable. It won Best Picture and Best Director and Best Editing. And Gorgeous George (Clooney) was there with Big Ben (Affleck) , and they made a very handsome pair indeed, as you can imagine.

I wasn’t there. I’m here in snowbound but thawing New York. I’m just judging by the pictures. Photo Ops are everything. And Jennifer Lawrence of “Silver Linings Playbook” looked lovely with a very stunning white gown with flecks of silver on the bodice. And no she didn’t win.

Emmanuelle Riva won for “Amour” in a mini-schock, but since she wasn’t there to receive it, I don’t think it matters. Were she there, as I said in my last post below this one on the BAFTAS, she might have sent out a lovely octongenarian vibe, with a beautifully phrased, French-accented acceptance speech. But no. That opportunity is now offically blown forever and she just handed the buxom Jennifer Lawrence, who was there, even though it’s rumored she still has the flu, the Best Actress Oscar. Harvey Weinstein will see to it.

Harvey’s magic was working even in Blighty. The Weinstein Co. had a good night with TWO screenplay wins ~ Adapted David O.Russell for “Silver Linings Playbook” and Quentin Tarantino for Original for “Django Unchained.”

They liked, they really liked “Django” giving Best Supporting Actor to Christophe Waltz.

Which was also a surprise to some, but I predicted this, too, in  the previous post. Just check below and you’ll see.

But I don’t think the surprises of Riva and Waltz will be repeated at the Oscars. I think it will be JLaw and Robert De Niro. Why? Because that’s who Harvey is pushing Stateside.

This original  screenplay win for Tarantino, though, may be repeated on Oscar night.

But Oscar voters, if they are looking to the BAFTAs for clarity, will see that if Riva didn’t show in ADJACENT-to-Paris London to pick up her award, they won’t risk giving an unknown (to American audiences) 85-year-old French actress their big Best Actress award and no, I think JLaw can relax. She’s got it in the bag. Harvey’s bag.

I don’t think David O. Russell will repeat his Adapted Screenplay win. He could win Best Director, though.

If the BAFTAS showed us one thing, it was that even Harvey Weinstein couldn’t stop the “Argo” juggernaut! So then, yes, the BAFTAS clarified that!

And Anne Hathaway won, as I predicted and as everyone expected for Best Supporting Actress for “Les Miserables” And since she was the only glamourous young actress, or rather, the ONLY actress winner there, her picture is the one that they’ll use on every headline on every paper and site reporting this. If they don’t use Ben and George, who looked equally glamourous and happy.
And yes, as expected, and as I predicted, too, Daniel Day Lewis won Best Actor for “Lincoln”, which was the only award “Lincoln” won all night.
“Les Miz” got the most four. Even more than “Argo”! Winning besides the dazzling Hathaway, Best Production Design, Hair and Make-Up and Sound. All of which it may very well repeat at the Oscars. “Argo” got three BAFTAS. Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Editing.

If you want to know how I stay on top of all this, it’s all over at www.awardsdaily.com Their sharp coverage from their smart fans in the UK and Europe kept everyone here on the edge of their seats. Or at least I certainly was. Check it out! It’s a great read!


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