a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Well, it’s begun. With watching the Red Carpet Pre-Show on E! with Guiliana Ransic. Jessica Chastain was wearing a scarlet Alexander McQueen with diamond jewelry by Harry Winston, and seemed bubbly, excited to be there, her gorgeous red hair, side-parted.

Jennifer Lawrence seemed a little subdued. She said she had “walking pneumonia” and told the frightened Guiliana that she was “highly contagious.” Then Guiliana made her put her bejeweled hand in their “Hand cam” saying that she had chubby fingers! She doesn’t.

Jennifer’s floor-length gown was a very serious black. Quiet compared to her usual bubbly self.Also rocking a side-part hair-style.

Marion Cotillard saying she has the flu. Marion and G complaining about the cold! In L.A.?!She was wearing a black and white Chanel classic couture.

Nicole Kidman with long, shoulder-length straight hair seemed to be having a good time with Ross Matthews! He was a bit hysterical being so close to a real diva. And she was just dealing with it. Like “When is he going to stop screaming?” How many times did he say “Oh My God, Nicole Kidman?”??? In such short interviews, you’ve got to make every second count.

Now he’s interviewing black actor Chris Tucker. He’s trying to get him to dance. “Jungle Love” Oy.

Hugh Jackman now with Guiliana, singing! Guiliana “You made my life!” They did a little duet.(She can’t sing. And Ross couldn’t dance.) Hugh is wearing a rock-star goatee. And also managed to mention that he’s a “married man” and waves again to his wife. He’s ALWAYS doing that!He said he stalked Tom Hooper for three months, calling him several times a day. I wonder if that was true….

A little earlier Amanda Seyfried was struggling with her black gown with that had a VERY long and heavy train. She said “I hope ‘Les Miz” doesn’t win Best Ensemble or I’ll have to go up on the stage.” WHAT???? YOU DON’T WANT LES MIZ TO WIN?!?!?

Clare Danes with overly pale make-up with what looks like black lipstick. She’s nominated for TWO SAGs. But that Goth Girl make-up!Why? Is everybody wearing BLACK tonight?

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