a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Trying to LIVE BLOG the Golden Globes! Adele is talking at Al Roker, wearing a black burberry(sp?) She zipped threw. John Hamm of “Mad Men” now on. I’ve been watching these pre-shows for TWO HOURS and the show hasn’t started YET!

Denzel Washington saying he researched his role in “Flight” on  You Tube! Many drunks on You Tube! His daughter saying her father is “the biggest nerd.” Olivia Washington this may be your LAST Golden Globes, retorted Matt Lauer’s ridiculous female partner.

Best moment for me was about AN HOUR ago, Oscar God Dave Karger gave a couple of Oscar predictions. “Daniel Day Lewis” for ‘Lincoln'” That was a no brainer. But then he said Best Picture Drama could be “Lincoln” or “Argo”(!?!) And said that he thought Ben Affleck was going to win Best Director tonight. This after his now infamous snub by the Academy, who nominated his film but NOT him.


Hugh Jackman and wife, Deborah Lee Furness. “Live Singing like a nude scene?” Hugh said “yes’ Helen Mirren suddenly in a fright wig? Or a fright perm? Shoot that hair-dresser, Dame Helen Mirren in and black and gold Bradley Miska. Jessica Chastain looking very much like a winner in a lovely blue gown, Calvin Klein collection.
Her beautiful red hair in a stunning back-swept look. She’s looks better than she ever has so far.


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