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With the 2012 nomination ballots, FINALLY in today, supposedly, the day of the extended deadline, what does it all mean? Who’s in? Who’s out? Who’s up? Who’s down?

Well, I think we can safely look at the ten Producer’s Guild nominees announced two days ago are allll looking very good. But HOLT ON! James Bond? Now, rrrrreally…I mean, RRRREALLY?

Is “Skyfall” which I liked but didn’t love, is in the end just ANOTHER James Bond movie in a fifty-year-old- franchise, which OF COURSE, PRODUCER’S are going to love. But the Academy? The snobbery and closted racism of the S.W.O.R.M. knows no bounds. That’s the Straight White Old Rich Men, who make up the majority (yes, still) of AMPAS. And there are other films that don’t lower the threshold, like James Bond might.

But Oscar-winner Sam Mendes directed it, stylishly and with a tad bit more intelligence and nuance than other James Bond operettas…And it’s got Judi Dench being, well, Judi Dench, in a VERY large part. And her part as M, Bond’s boss, for a couple of decades now, has, er, range. No spoilers here.

But I was looking for more from her in this near-final opus of Bond’s(or is it? Is he ever going to die?) Well, despite Javier Bardem’s surprise SAG nom for swishing his way up Daniel Craig’s twitching thigh, I was not DOWN with his stereotypical F.A.G. performance, and he’s already been there, done that with “No Country for Old Men” for which he rightly won a Best Supporting Actor oscar for his truly frightening Anton Cigurh, the villain of villains. He was profoundly distrubing as that cold as ice mass-murderer.

Bardem’s effeminate, blonde-be-wigged fop is just mildly amusing, but only just.He’s sickeing, if anything, creepy crawly, but NOT frightening.

But then he is competing in Best Supporting Actor for the slot that knocked Leonardo DiCaprio out of the SAGs(but NOT the Golden Globes) for playing BASICALLY THE SAME PART. Another effeminate villain in “Djanjo Unchained.” I don’t think the Academy likes, really likes, in a Sally Field “like” kind of way Leo. Sadly. He’ll get his first Oscar SOMEday, but look at how they reacted to Leo-in-a-dress in “Hoover” last year. Or rather NOT react.

But Leo’s main competition for this nod is not really Bardem, but the OTHER two terrific actors in his film, Christophe Waltz(who already has an Oscar) and Samuel L.Jackson, who does not.

I’m gonna wager that IF Samuel L.Jackson gets a nomination, which he hasn’t from any group so far, he could win in this category, playing as he described it himself “The most reprehsible Negro in Screen History”, the controversial, slavishly devoted slave, Stephen, who is the type who UPHELD Slavery, and stood up for it. And condones everything his owner Leo’s Calvin Candie wants him to. It’s the kind of villainous role that the Academy loves to award African-Americans for. Think Denzel’s second Oscar for the badass cop in “Training Day.”

Otherwise, Best Supporting Actor is going to go to Tommy Lee Jones, who already has a Supp. Actor WIN, for his very three-dimensional and funny as well as fiery aboltionist Thaddeus Stephens in “Lincoln.”

He really does perk up that super-dull, talky dragola of a film.
I hope I never have to see it again as long as I live. Life’s too short to be THAT bored. AGAIN.

And in a year with TWO of the major contenders for Best Picture dealing with slavery, an African-American actor better get nominated SOMEwhere, besides the usual Denzel nod. Right?

I would applaud Samuel L.Jackson’s inclusion in this category.

And then there’s “The Master” crashing and burning…It seems to be taking Joaquim Phonenix’s nom down with it. And Amy Adams is probably not going to get in either as she didn’t at SAG.

So my predicts for Supporting Actor nominations are…nevertheless…
Tommy Lee Jones in “Lincoln”
Robert DeNiro in “Silver Linings Playbook”
Phillip Seymour Hoffman “The Master”
Alan Arkin in “Argo”
Samuel L. Jackson “Django: Unchained”

With Leo being left out. But I could see Bardem replacing Alan Arkin, if he’s replacing anybody.It would be AWFUL if he replaced Samuel L. Jackson.

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